Welcome to Barnhartvale!

Exploring Barnhartvale, Kamloops

Kamloops has an abundant number of subdivisions, all with their own histories, uniqueness and cultures and Barnhartvale is no exception to those neighbourhoods. 

Tucked away to the side of Kamloops’ Sunrise Mountain lies Barnhartvale. One of the very few subdivisions elevated off the floor of Kamloops’ valley with a view like no other. Barnhartvale is a green neighbourhood with lots of wildlife that roam through the yards and streets especially when the sun goes down. Barnhartvale is the only subdivision that houses moose inside the city limits. 

Most of Barnhartvale is located inside the limits of Kamloops although properties near the subdivision that are frequently classified as part of Barnhartvale lie outside of the city limits and instead are in the Thompson Nicola Regional District. These outlying properties and homes help identify the overall culture inside of Barnhartvale with more farms and a quicker access to backcountry. 

To reach this subdivision, drive eastward along Highway One, veering off at the Dallas subdivision, and ascending the hill that leads to the heart of Barnhartvale. Perched upon the hillside, the mountains boasts a unique atmosphere that draws people in, making it a distinct and sought-after community in Kamloops. 

Approximately 17.5 kilometers or an 18-minute drive from Downtown Kamloops, Barnhartvale is home to around 1050 houses. The average price point for single family detached homes is $825,00 but with larger acreages in the area selling to upwards of $4,000,000. Barnhartvale’s housing landscape offers a more diverse range of features though, from sprawling acreages and hobby farms to properties tailored for horses. Homes in Barnhartvale are connected to city water, while septic sewer systems cater to the requirements of the terrain. The subdivision is protected by the Dallas Volunteer Fire Hall, ensuring safety in the community.

Several local amenities contribute to the convenience of Barnhartvale’s residents. The Esso gas station, Happy Valley Foods convenience store, The Pond Country Market, a gardening/giftware store and local eatery, the Dallas Barnhartvale Baptist Church, and Barnhartvale Community Hall provide essential services and a sense of community. Additionally, within a mere seven-minute drive, there is access to a grocery store, pharmacy, and gas station, ensuring that daily needs are met with ease. Finally, a notable feature of Barnhartvale is Blackwell Dairy. The dairy farm, managed by the Blackwell family, has been a part of Barnhartvale’s history since 1913.

Nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers will find themselves in their element in Barnhartvale. The subdivision boasts an array of parks and outdoor spaces, including the Dallas Barnhartvale Nature Park, Todd Hill Park, Todd Hill Park Soccer Field, and the Pine Tree Riding Club. Golf lovers can perfect their swing at the Eaglepoint Golf Course, while hikers and explorers have the opportunity to traverse various trails throughout the subdivision, connecting with the environment that defines the area. 

Horse enthusiasts and animal lovers thrive in this environment. The presence of horse riding on the streets, trails, and equestrian clubs as well as the prevalence of hobby farms with animals such as cattle and sheep connect the residents to animals, nature and the land. 

Barnhartvale has a selection of catchment schools. RLC Elementary and Valleyview Secondary offer education to local children, while the French immersion options include South Sahali Elementary and South Kamloops Secondary School. City transit and school bus services are conveniently available in several areas, ensuring that residents of all ages can navigate their way through the community. 

Barnhartvale’s culture is deeply rooted in its historical origins. The name Barnhartvale was derived from Peter Barnhart, a conductor on the first Canadian Pacific Railway transcontinental train. Peter Barnhart established a property in what was originally Campbell’s Creek and later Barnhart a post office called the Barnhart Vale Office. The subdivision was then given its current name in 1978 after Peter Barnhart, Barnhartvale. 

Barnhartvale showcases the merging of contemporary living and natural surroundings. Its distinct location on the mountainside, coupled with its deep history and active community, offers an appealing living experience. With stunning views, varied amenities, and a diverse backdrop, Barnhartvale remains a great subdivision to live in Kamloops, BC.