Welcome to Campbell Creek!

Exploring Campbell Creek, Kamloops

Campbell Creek is a rapidly growing neighbourhood in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Located 19 km or a 17-minute drive east of Downtown Kamloops and easily accessible via Highway 1, this subdivision, with approximately 300 houses, lies just within the city limits.

The range of housing options in Campbell Creek caters to diverse needs and preferences. From single-family detached homes to half duplexes in the area known as the Burrows, residents can find their ideal living space.

The average house prices reflect the quality and appeal of the neighbourhood, with single-family detached homes averaging around $690,000 and half duplexes around $570,000 (July 2023).

Ensuring safety and fire protection, Campbell Creek benefits from the dedicated service of the Dallas Volunteer Fire Hall. Given its distance, all houses in the subdivision are required to have a sprinkler system to further enhance fire safety. Additionally, the subdivision enjoys city-serviced utilities, guaranteeing convenient access to essential services.
Although Campbell Creek does not have its own amenities, residents can find various conveniences within a 5–10-minute drive, including a grocery store, gas station, and other essential services.

For recreation and outdoor activities, the neighbourhood offers an array of options. Burrows Park and Campbell Creek Park provide green spaces for relaxation and play, while the nearby creek and informal boat launch present opportunities for water-based adventures. As well as the acclaimed BC Wildlife Park, a 106-acre animal rehabilitation center and park, that adds a touch of wonder and education to the neighbourhood's character.

The subdivision's rich history is intertwined with the Campbell family. Lewis Campbell, an early settler in the area, purchased 160 acres in 1865 after retiring from the Hudson Bay Company. Together with John Leonard, they established the Campbell Ranch, which remained in the family for generations. In 1945, the ranch was sold and transformed into a hop farm for Molson Breweries. It was during this time that Molson donated 106 acres to create the now-beloved BC Wildlife Park. Today, the streets of Campbell Creek are named after the park’s animals creating a connection between the community and its wildlife surroundings.

Education is a priority in Campbell Creek, with RL Clemitson Elementary and Valleyview Secondary serving as the  catchment schools. Convenient transportation options are available, including school buses and city transit, ensuring easy commutes for students and residents alike. Beyond its natural beauty and convenient location, Campbell Creek has
a strong sense of community. The neighbourhood's family-oriented atmosphere fosters a welcoming environment, and the cultural fabric of this community is deeply influenced by the BC Wildlife Park, creating a shared appreciation for the region's wildlife and conservation efforts. As Campbell Creek continues to flourish, it offers an inviting and harmonious place for individuals and families to embrace a fulfilling and enriched way of life.