Welcome to Dallas!

Exploring Dallas, Kamloops

Dallas is a charming neighbourhood situated along Highway 1, to the east of downtown Kamloops, and bordered by the beautiful South Thompson River. It offers residents a great mix of convenience, natural beauty, and a friendly community atmosphere, making it an ideal place to live.

Accessibility is one of the key advantages of Dallas. Located just 12.4 kilometres away from the heart of downtown Kamloops, a quick 13-minute drive on Highway 1 transports residents to this great neighbourhood. Dallas is located on both sides of the highway, but it is the southern side that hosts the majority of houses, providing a diverse range of residential options. 

Approximately 1250 houses make up the fabric of Dallas, ranging from single family detached homes and townhouses to mobile homes and apartments, accommodating a wide spectrum of lifestyles. All homes are serviced by city utilities and are protected by the Dallas Volunteer Fire Hall, which makes the residents feel safe and secure.

For those seeking a waterfront experience, some lucky homeowners in Dallas are privileged to live across the highway and tracks, alongside the lovely South Thompson River.

Housing prices range depending on the features of the home and location in Dallas. The average price for apartments is $420/square foot, for townhouses it is $505,000, for single family detached homes it is $696,000, for manufactured homes on freehold strata land it is $433,000, and for manufactured homes in a park setting on leasehold land it is $208,000. The most expensive home sold in Dallas (July 2023) has been $2,475,000. 

The neighbourhood prides itself on a host of amenities that cater to the needs of its residents. A fully stocked grocery store offering a bakery, deli, and fresh produce, a convenient gas station, and a pharmacy offer everyday essentials. Additionally, non-essential amenities like a Subway cafe, hair salon, and the Tumbleweeds Pub provide spaces for leisure and relaxation. The area also offers a small Baptist church between the Dallas and Barnhartvale subdivisions. 

Dallas has an abundance of green spaces that further enrich the quality of life for its inhabitants. Bogetti Park, Dallas Dog Park, Dallas Park Field, Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park, Thompson Park, China Road Park, and the Pineridge Golf Course provide ample opportunities for recreation, relaxation, and communing with nature. Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park has nine trails with different levels of difficulty to explore, featuring picnic shelters, public washrooms, numerous viewpoints, and parking spaces, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike. 

The history of Dallas is closely intertwined with the legacy of Dallas Johnson, a dedicated farmer who cultivated the very land that now forms the neighbourhood. Honouring his contributions, the community was named after him, preserving a piece of the past within its setting. 

Education is a priority in Dallas, with Dallas Elementary School and Valleyview Secondary School being the catchment schools for its residents. With school buses available, commuting to and from these schools is made hassle-free, while many public transit options make it easy for residents to travel throughout the city. 

The culture in Dallas has a warm, urban vibe, creating a family and pet-friendly environment that resonates with the friendly and caring nature of its residents. The abundance of parks fosters an active and outdoorsy lifestyle, complemented by the tranquillity of the neighbourhood, despite its proximity to the highway. 

Dallas, Kamloops, is a delightful suburban spot that seamlessly blends urban convenience with natural beauty. For those seeking a peaceful and family-friendly neighbourhood, Dallas is undoubtedly an ideal place to call home.