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Exploring Del Oro, Thompson-Nicola

Nestled along the picturesque South Thompson River, Del Oro stands as one of the furthest east subdivisions in the Thompson-Nicola regional district, just outside of the city limits of Kamloops. This charming neighbourhood, just a short 25km drive from downtown Kamloops, offers a unique blend of rural living, natural beauty, and a rich historical connection. With its small acreages, horse properties, and waterfront charm, Del Oro captures the hearts of its residents who appreciate a serene lifestyle and an appreciation for nature. Let us dive into the distinct features, history, and cultural aspects that define the neighborhood of Del Oro.

Median House Prices: In Del Oro the average house price for properties as of July 2023 is $825,000 with less than 5 houses selling in the small neighbourhood on average per year.

Geographical Location and Connectivity: Divided by Highway 1, Del Oro is in a prime location along the South Thompson River and the valley foothills of the Thompson-Nicola. To reach Del Oro from downtown Kamloops, a scenic 25-minute drive eastward on Highway 1 will lead you to this small subdivision. Del Oro lies just outside the city limits of Kamloops, offering a peaceful escape from urban life.  Two sets of train tracks are routed through the subdivision, parallel to the highway: a full time active train route towards the North and a minimally used route on the Southern side.

Residential Landscape: Del Oro is comprised of approximately 80 houses, spread across both the North and South sides of the neighborhood. The houses on the North side draw river water and ground water, while on the South side, river water is treated for the community’s subdivision. The sewer system operates on septic systems as there are no community sewage treatment facilities. The Del Oro neighbourhood is fire protected by the Monte Creek Fire Protection Service Area.

Notable Features and Recreational Opportunities: Del Oro is renowned for its small acreages and horse properties, catering to those seeking a rural lifestyle within proximity to urban amenities. The South Thompson River and valley foothills provide a beautiful backdrop, and an informal boat launch allows residents to indulge in recreational activities on the river.  Kikwille Public Park is a small but charming green space with minimal services.

Services and Proximity: While Del Oro itself lacks direct services, neighbouring Dallas, a mere 10-minute drive away, offers essential services, including a grocery store, gas station, elementary school, and other conveniences. This close proximity ensures that residents can easily access the necessities while enjoying the peace and seclusion of Del Oro.

Historical Significance: The name "Del Oro" carries a historical connection rooted in the neighbourhood's past. Del Oro owes its name to the Del Oro gold mine, which was established in the 1860s by INCO (International Nickel Company) in Ontario, Canada. In 1906, INCO opened a smelter in the Thompson-Nicola region and named it Del Oro, symbolizing their mining legacy. Despite changing ownership over the years, the smelter retained the name, becoming a reminder of the area's mining history. "Del Oro" translates to "of gold" in Spanish.

Cultural Identity: The cultural fabric of Del Oro thrives on rural lifestyles, a deep love for nature, self-sufficiency, and a respect for privacy. The neighbourhood's residents embrace the tranquility and natural beauty that surrounds them.

Schools: Del Oro falls within the catchment area of Dallas Elementary School and Valleyview Secondary School.

Del Oro, with its idyllic riverside setting, rural charm, and historical significance, offers a beautiful neighbourhood for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle in the outskirts of Kamloops. Its small acreages, horse properties, and connection to nature create a distinct character that resonates with its residents. Rooted in history and embracing a culture of self-sufficiency and privacy, Del Oro stands as a testament to the enduring allure of riverfront living in Canada's beautiful British Columbia.