What is the BC Energy Step Code?

The BC Energy Step Code is a building code that is designed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in BC. By requiring buildings to meet specific energy efficiency standards, the BC Step Code aims to reduce the amount of energy required to heat, cool, and operate buildings, thereby lowering greenhouse gas emissions and reducing energy costs for homeowners.
The BC Energy Step Code code requires builders to consider a range of energy-efficient design strategies, such as improved insulation, high-performance windows, efficient heating and cooling systems, and the use of renewable energy sources. These strategies can help to reduce the amount of energy needed to keep homes comfortable, and can result in significant energy savings over the life of the building.
By making homes more energy efficient, the BC Energy Step Code can also improve the overall comfort and health of homeowners, as well as reduce the environmental impact of buildings. Additionally, as the cost of energy continues to rise, energy-efficient homes can be more affordable to operate, making them a smart investment for homeowners in the long term.
Overall, the BC Energy Step Code is an important tool for building a more sustainable and energy-efficient built environment, and can help to make homes more comfortable, affordable to operate and environmentally responsible.
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